The Flavors of the 18th Century


CfP of the Dutch-Belgian Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies


Upcoming annual conference: “Flavours of the Eighteenth Century” (Brussels, March 10th - 11th 2016)


Deadline for abstracts: 23.11.2015.



In this year’s upcoming annual conference, The Dutch-Belgian Society for 18th century studies will be focusing on the role played by taste and smell, in a century when both theoretical discourse and daily routine were strongly influenced by sensualist ideas. It appears, however, that in the prevalent hierarchy of the senses, taste and smell often took a less prominent position, since 18th-century thought was for a long time primarily defined in purely visual terms. 

The organizing committee look forward to receiving contributions from a richly varied field of participants and hope that our conference may be of interest to the members of the Czech society for 18th century studies.


The CfP can be found here.